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By | April 20, 2022

Seinfeld Quotes. Funny is the world i live in. I like money, but it's never been about the money.

Jerry Seinfeld Quotes That Are Also Brilliant Words of
Jerry Seinfeld Quotes That Are Also Brilliant Words of from

Celebrate the sitcom about nothing with over 100 quotes from the show jerry seinfeld quotes. Many notable expressions from seinfeld became popular phrases in everyday speech (“seinfeldisms”). Like many underrated kramer quotes that are even funnier today, this quote from the implant doesn't get old.

Well, Throw Back A Couple Shots Of Hennigan’s And You’ll Be As Loose As A Goose And Ready To Roll In No Time.

You get past me, the guy in the back of me, he’s got a spoon. The chicken goes with the hen. It was created by larry david and jerry seinfeld, the latter starring as a fictionalized version

Seinfeld Quotes Which Are Full Of Funny And Inspiring Jokes.

You can’t do it in one push. It’s hard to believe, but saturday, july 5 marks seinfeld ’s 25th anniversary. Back off, i’ve got the toe clippers right here.”.

When I Like Them, They Don’t Like Me.

I don't want to hear the specials. That’s marriage, it’s kids, it’s work, it’s exercise. You will love this list of funny quotes by kramer from 'seinfeld.' 16.

Oh I Gotta Get On That Internet, I’m Late On Everything!

“a bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.”. When they like me, i don’t like them. You’ve mastered that, you’ve mastered life.

These Are Some Of The Best Quotations And Sayings From Jerry, George, And The.

Why is it only a snack, why can’t it be a meal, you know? That’s like putting your whole mouth right in the dip! Awesome 'seinfeld' quotations from season two.

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